Saturday, November 21, 2015

Some Numbers and Major Initiatives

  • AMRIT scheme: This is the initiative to provide chepaer lifesaving drugs. 1st AMRIT outlet at AIIMS for life saving drugs at 50-60% cheaper will cover 202 Cancer, 186 Cardio drugs & 148 types of cardiac implants
  • MUDRA scheme: The drivers of Indian economy, are not big corporates but so called "Unorganized" sector. Small businessmen have to take credit at a very high rate. This scheme is the first initiative to assist. 7. 53 lac people have availed loans of upto 50000 under MUDRA & 10 lac people availed loans of 50k to 5 lacs , approx 20000 Cr under MUDRA
  • India's Current Account Deficit in July 2013 (21,772) ,CAD in July 2015 (6200) Cr 2 BSNL loss in 2013 to profit of 672 cr profit in 2015
  • India won't need coal imports by 2017
  • FDI in India increased by 15% in the first six months of the year to $20.5 billion with services, construction and IT the main recipients

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